Peyer tooling – perfection in every dimension

Perfect tools for a superb product experience and high-quality design solutions. We supply high-quality embossing tools, workpiece holders and plates made of silicone, brass, steel and aluminium. We work closely in partnership with the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, household appliance and electrical appliance manufacturers, the watchmaking industry and the graphics industry.



Our tools allow high-quality design solutions that deliver a superb product experience.


We understand our craft – better and more extensive than others. Our customers are delighted with the personal service and cost-effectiveness of our solutions. For us, perfection does not depend on customer size, but on customer proximity.


The range of skills within our team allows a quick exchange of ideas. They all have a clear understanding of the importance of quality.



Tools for the plastics industry

Virtually all materials can be refined in the field of plastics. Peyer Tooling produces the right tools for almost all shapes and types of application in the plastics industry.

Food moulds

Peyer Tooling produces aluminium moulds for food embossing. This can add value to all kinds of foods, from ice cream to biscuits.

Brunner Gravuren, now part of the Peyer Group

The year before last, Brunner Gravuren AG became part of the Peyer Group. This has now been followed by its full integration into the Peyer Group brand family on 1 January 2020 – with a change of name to Peyer Tooling AG.