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Plastics industry

Virtually all materials can be refined in the field of plastics. Tools can be created for almost all moulds and types of application. Peyer Tooling produces tools for the plastics industry. In the area of decoration or lettering, we offer complete solutions for applications from all areas:

  • Automotive industry
  • White goods
  • Technical parts
  • Medical technology
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Tubes
  • Writing instruments

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Automotive industry

For the automotive industry, Peyer Tooling manufactures state of the art tools using the most suitable materials. Every project is given our specialist support in order to achieve precise and comprehensive solutions for our clients. 

White goods

Plastic parts made with tools from Peyer Tooling can be found in all areas of life. For refrigerators, dishwashers and other household appliances, parts are produced, labelled and refined using tools from Peyer Tooling. 



Medical technology

For medical technology, Peyer Tooling designs precise tools using the highest quality materials. This allows for low wear and tear in series production and high-quality end products. The tools have a maximum service life and low maintenance.


Cosmetics packaging and tubes

For the cosmetics industry, Peyer Tooling manufactures precision tools for refining, decorating and labelling. Best-quality tools and precision ensure maximum production reliability. Many cosmetics products only get their characteristic high-quality appearance after being refined.


Writing instruments

Peyer Tooling manufactures optimal tools for the production and refinement of high-quality writing instruments. With a fountain pen, writing becomes an enjoyable, tactile experience. Peyer Tooling's precision tools play a part in this experience.